Nick Mason

Nick's Tips

Here is a list of tips that I've accumulated over the years, ranging from time-saving shortcuts, through to practical advice when dealing with real-world problems. I'll add new items to this list every so often, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.

21-09-2014Backup your new machines before first usePre-empt future problems on your new computer by following this sage advice.
18-08-2014Opening Command Prompt Windows from ExplorerOpen Command Prompt windows directly within Windows Explorer using this hidden menu option.
21-07-2014Using Outlook in Offline modeStop Outlook hanging when you're using a mobile connection or working offline.
30-06-2014Easy Cable OrganisationKeep your cables safely organised and accessible using this practical advice.
01-06-2014Prevent Word from displaying pages side-by-sideKeep Word's document views under control using this tip.
22-04-2014Avoid unexpected extras when downloading Adobe Flash Player updatesAvoid bundled extras included with your Adobe Flash Player updates using this tip.
02-04-2014Use JOINs within UPDATE statements in conjunction with table variablesUse SQL Server table variables in UPDATE joins using this helpful, albeit unusual syntax trick.
10-03-2014Pausing Windows batch filesInsert timed pauses into your batch files without any additional software using this tip.
23-02-2014Opening the current folder/directorySave time by opening windows from your current command prompt directory.
04-02-2014Using VHD Image FilesEasily manage thousands of small files using VHD disk images.
26-01-2014Command Line ShortcutsLaunch often-used administration utilities using these command-line shortcuts.
14-01-2014Reopening Closed TabsRecover recently-closed tabs in almost any browser using this convenient shortcut.
30-12-2013iOS Guided AccessKeep little fingers safely entertained using this great tip.
16-12-2013Overriding cp's confirmation promptsTake control of the cp command's interactivity on RedHat Enterprise Linux & CentOS 6.
29-11-2013Quickly viewing HTML MarkupNavigate directly to your HTML page markup without going through the visual designer first.
18-11-2013MDI Document Keyboard ShortcutsEasily close and switch between multiple open documents using these keyboard shortcuts.
09-11-2013Windows Mobility CenterDiscover fast access to commonly-used laptop settings using Windows Mobility Center.
27-10-2013Querying DATETIME columnsAvoid common errors when querying SQL Server DATETIME fields by following this advice.
16-10-2013Copying dialog boxes as textSimplify support issues by asking users to copy pop‑up messages directly to the clipboard.
07-10-2013Professional PresentationsGive your presentations a professional edge using these hints.
01-10-2013Saving web pages for later useDownload web pages and keep them for later reference using this helpful tip.
23-09-2013Navigating large Visual Studio SolutionsNavigate your large Visual Studio solutions with ease using this simple shortcut.
16-09-2013Making LIVE and TEST visually distinctAvoid mistakes by making LIVE and TEST visually distinct when logged in via a remote session.
09-09-2013Copying File PathsCopy full file paths directly from File Explorer using this tip.
02-09-2013Closing Windows QuicklyClose windows quickly using a little-known feature of Windows 7.