Database Design

Starting a new database-centric application and want an extra pair of eyes to offer an experienced opinion? Or perhaps you'd like us to design the entire database for you? We've been working with relational, multi-valued, and flat-file database systems for over 20 years including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • U2, UniVerse, Reality & Pick
  • Microsoft Access

More importantly, we also know what works well in the real world - often, database design needs to go beyond the theoretical and a more holistic and practical approach is required. Knowing that you've followed every "best practice" is little consolation when your system is running very slowly and proving difficult to maintain.

Our staff have designed and implemented several large-scale multiuser database applications - many of the older systems developed over a decade ago are still in use today and routinely deliver excellent performance despite having hundred or even thousands of online concurrent connections. What's more, the designs produced work with you in the future, and are adaptable to the ever-changing set of requirements that are typical of most I.T. projects.

Did you know:

  • Adding indexes to a SQL Server database can increase its availability by avoiding locking conflicts.
  • Searching date ranges using BETWEEN can yield unexpected results.
  • Indexing the "Gender" column is rarely the correct approach, even if it will be searched repeatedly.

If you'd like help with migrating information from a legacy system into your latest technical masterpiece, we can help you there too - please see our Legacy Conversions page.

Whether you'd like us to undertake the design and implementation of a new system, cast an experienced eye over your latest designs, or simply to improve the performance of your existing database, consider using Arcamex for your next project.

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