About Arcamex

Arcamex is proud to be a small, UK-based company with a focus on delivering innovative solutions that are reliable, efficient, and above all, simple. We strive to produce simple solutions because:

  • Simple solutions are more reliable - less complexity means fewer points of failure - and if something unexpected does occur, the simplicity of our solutions means that our systems are correspondingly quick to diagnose and repair.
  • Simple solutions are easy to maintain - and more importantly, they're easier to adapt should your requirements change in the future. We've all seen complex "enterprise" systems that can't tolerate a seemingly simple change for reasons that are not clearly understood nor explained (trust us - it's usually over-complexity).
  • Simple solutions are understandable - this is perhaps the most important point of all. Ultimately, all systems, no matter how complex, are managed by humans, not machines - the faster and more completely you can grasp how a system works, the more control you'll have. Our systems work with you, not against you.

Please don't confuse simplicity with limited functionality - indeed, we've produced many large systems, ranging from regular line-of-business software, through to interpreters for custom languages and business optimisation engines that follow large sets of customer-defined rules.
We just aim to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, avoiding the over-engineered problems that often affect businesses and end-users alike.

Why choose Arcamex in particular?

  • Customer service matters - since we're a small company, we're also very responsive. Enquiries are often resolved with in a matter of hours and rest assured, in the unlikely event of an issue occurring, we'll work relentlessly until the problem is fixed. We don't have any frustrated or unhappy customers.
  • We want what's best for you - even if that involves ordering fewer days from us.
  • Security - we maintain client confidentiality at all times. All our laptops and smartphones are encrypted, even our external backup hard drives have hardware encryption protected by a built-in hardware keypad.
  • Safety - we have both public liability, and professional indemnity insurance.

We don't just want you to be merely "satisfied" - we want you to be "over the moon". In our experience, happy customers are loyal customers and often place repeat business with us. Whether you're looking to develop a new system, wrestling with a seemingly intractable problem, or simply want advice regarding some technical issues, consider using Arcamex for your next project.

Company Details

Company Name:
Arcamex Ltd

Registered Office:
14a Vicars Hall Lane
M28 1HS
United Kingdom

Place of Registration:
England & Wales


Company No:
560 5520

VAT Registration No:
874 3043 24